Archer & Olive Notebook Review

I think that if I say dotted journals you may start to wonder of all the several journals that are out there, because there are quite a few now actually! The first most commonly used one is the Leuchtturm1917… 

But if you’re like me, and like to draw, color, or even paint then you must be wanting a journal with good pages. 

That is why we are happy to propose (in our shop), and let you discover the notebooks from Archer & Olive.


Archer and Olive Notebook


Product Presentation

If you are a fan of bujo and have the habit to be on Instagram, then you’ve maybe already heard about them, or seen the posts from Bonnie (the designer). If you like floral motifs and beautiful designs, you may like these.

The notebooks are all so beautiful, which may make it difficult to choose… 😀


What’s the notebook size?

There are three different sizes to choose from : the A5B5, and the B6 format. 

At this moment I’m using the Rose Gold in A5 size. It is the dotted version because you could also find a small selection of lined and graphed journals.


.Image fixe011

Rose Gold, Archer & Olive Notebook


Cover Materiel

There are two types of journal covers : the PU leather which are covered in an illustrated design. And in fabric, which are more simple with a single printed gold motif in the front cover.


Archer and Olive Notebooks


How are the pages?

First of all I’d like to say that the finishing is really well done, no visible traces of glue or warped paper, which is always a good point!

So about the paper, it is very thick : 160gr/m² no ghosting! The paper is really thick, more than the typical notebook, and compared to the Leuchtturm, its pages are about twice the thickness.

Another good point are the white pages, and the light dotted pages. I cannot say for the lined or graphed journals because I haven’t seen or used those! But if you have I’d be curious to know what you thought about those. 🙂 And all the notebooks have 160 pages.

Some may find the number of pages too few, but it actually doesn’t bother me. I think I’d prefer to have a journal with a bit fewer pages and better quality paper (with no ghosting), than the contrary.



I’ve been using the Archer & Olive notebooks now for awhile, and as you know besides writing, I like to draw with colored pencils, watercolor, and on occasion acrylic paint, and I haven’t been disappointed with the quality of the paper.

There hasn’t been any visible ghosting, unless you plan on using alcohol markers, then you will have ghosting. As far as the Dual Brush Pens from Tombow, or the Pitt Artist Pens from Faber-Castell are concerned there is no ghosting, or with paints. 

But when using watercolor I would say to not use too much water or the paper may start to lift and rub off. This was the only main concern I have with mine.


Last details…

Each notebook can be closed with an elastic band, which is helpful when transporting so your notebook doesn’t open up!

There are also two ribbon bookmarks, and an enveloppe/pocket in the back for little pieces of paper, stickers, or anything else.

And a last detail is the elastic pen holder, which in my personal opinion isn’t necessary. 🙂


Should I buy an Archer & Olive notebook?

From my point of view, the Archer & Olive notebooks are great for those who like to be artistic and draw. The Bujo minimalists who don’t necessarily draw but simply use their journals to plan, don’t need an A&O notebook (in my opinion).

However, if you like to draw and can’t have a journal without illustrations or you like to do artistic calligraphy then the notebook may be for you.


Where to get them?

if you live in the United States you can find them directly on their site at Archer & Olive.But if you live in Europe or outside of the U.S. you can find them on our shop Mellow Days. You could avoid the shipping costs and customs, and perhaps a quicker shipping!


Which is the best notebook for you on the market at this moment?

Archer and Olive Notebooks

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