New Archer & Olive Designs

Since a few weeks now, Archer & Olive has come out with new notebook designs. But that’s not all, new little details have been added here and there which I’ll be presenting today.

I’ll be using the Rose Gold notebook in A5 for making the comparison among the 3 new notebooks.

A&O New Models


First change… It’s now in a Box!

The biggest new change perhaps is that the 3 new designs come packaged in a pretty box. This is really neat because I love nice boxes and they’re always useful for storing pens or other small items. And besides from being pretty the box gives an extra protection during shipping transportation, and no need for bubble wrap (a good point for me!).

Archer & Olive Notebooks


The Cover

As you maybe know the majority of A&O notebooks have a fabric cover, and a few are in PU leather. For these new designs they are in a hard, cardboard cover, but still in really good quality. (You can scroll down to see a photo of them.)



The inside of the Notebook…

Looking at the inside pages there is nothing changed, the first dedication page stays the same.

As for the quality of the pages I notice that they are much smoother and the dots are slightly lighter compared to those in my “Rose Gold” notebook.


And now on one of the bookmarks there is a small charm, which is a pretty detail.

In the back, the envelope is still there for holding little papers, stickers, etc., the elastic band to hold the cover, and the pen holder.

*Note : The older designs should also be getting this same “makeover”, with the box and bookmark charm.

Archer and Olive Notebooks


Variety of Designs

Aside from being available in the classic bound format, they are also available in spiral format. The large gold spirals add an elegant look to the notebook. But these do not include the bookmarks, pen holder, and don’t include the box packaging.

Archer & Olive Notebooks

Verdant Ventures Classic Bound ; Verdant Ventures Spiral


Archer & Olive Notebooks

Blush-a-Bye Classic Bound ; Blush-a-Bye Spiral


Archer & Olive Notebooks

Fleur de Bleu Classic Bound ; Fleur de Bleu Spiral


Where can you find them?

All of these new designs are available on our shop, “MELLOW DAYS” at the price of 30€ for the classic bound, and 35€ for the spirals. We deliver to France and Europe (with no customs fee in the countries of the Schengen area).

If you’re interested by one of these notebooks we have set aside 3 unique promo codes so you can benefit a -15% on the notebook of your choice. Each code can only be used once, and once used they will no longer be available, so hurry!

At the checkout you just have to insert these codes to benefit :

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