What’s My Journaling Style?

There are so many styles and types of journaling such as : an art journal, travel journal, a junk journal, “draw your day”, diary, or a bujo. I haven’t tried all of these and I’m not sure I would, but I have found a style that I like and enjoy doing! Have you found yours?




Question : What’s your style of Journaling?

I like to call my style of journaling a Diary or a Daily Journal. I mostly write about my day and thoughts. Since I don’t plan my future in my journal such as planning, creating trackers, or to-do lists, it’s not a planner, or bujo.



I feel there are many benefits with Daily Journaling. For me it’s fun, I love being able to draw a little each day, it’s maybe also a kind of sketchbook for me. I write everyday in it to keep memories for the future, but it could also be used as a way to de-stress. I know for some it’s helpful to write down their feelings, to vent, to feel better, it’s a sort of therapy. It’s also a good moment to work on your handwriting and drawing, if you like to draw like me. 🙂


Question : Do you keep a theme?

I don’t. I prefer to keep freedom of changing it if I want, but I try to keep a certain harmony for each page spread. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with keeping a theme though, it’s just not for me.


Question : Do you use your journal as a planner?

No. I don’t plan anything in my daily journal. I use it as a diary, so there are no-to lists, trackers, or anything planned wise. This journal is for keeping memories and documenting my life. 🙂 … but I do keep a separate journal just for creating calendar spreads for planning!

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